Errors Connecting to Financial Institutions

There are a number of reasons why you might have encountered an error while adding your account at your financial institution to Sweep. Please know that we use a secure third-party, Intuit, to handle the connection to accounts, and we work with them to resolve issues with institutions. These are the four different types of errors:

Known institution-wide issue: Intuit, whose services we use to connect securely to all institutions, has reported having issues connecting to your institution. This is an institution-wide error. There will be a Sweep Help Center article posted under the "Announcements" section with details.

Wrong institution selected: You will be shown either an "invalid credentials" message or a message asking you to select a different institution. Please make sure you have selected the correct institution. Many banks and credit unions have multiple listings and account types (for example, if the bank is called "Blue", there might be listings for: "Blue 360", "Blue Investments", "Blue Credit", "Blue Personal", "Blue Portfolio").

Invalid user account: You were shown a user-based error message from your institution (invalid credentials, no accounts to display, etc.). Please try your credentials again, and if the problem persists, try logging-in to your institution from your institution's webpage (there's a link on the add institution page in Sweep) and ensure you have the correct username and password combination and your account is not locked in any way.

Temporary institution-wide issue: If none of the previous cases applies, there is most likely a temporary issue with the specific institution. If this is the case, our engineers have been notified and you will be emailed once the institution is back online and working with Intuit and Sweep.

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